Crossover Repertoire

Beatles Piano Transcriptions

Short Fantasy on gGive Peace a Chanceh  arranged by Frederic Rzewski
Golden Slumbers  arranged by Toru Takemitsu
Michelle  arranged by Barbara Monk-Feldman
Hey Jude  arranged by Ichizo Okashiro
Yesterday  arranged by Ichizo Okashiro
Aki 2.2  arranged by Ryuchi Sakamoto (Magical Mystery Tour)
2-7 Writing & Composed by Lennon & McCartney

A Leaf  Paul McCartney

gbillet douxh  Michel Block

Ryuichi Sakamoto   
     Tong Poo
     Just for Me
     Choral No.1 and 2
     Energ flow
     Lorenz and Watson
     Suites for Piano
     La Dispersion, La Limite, Le Sable
     Grashoppers   Arranged by Yuji Takahashi
     River  Arranged by Yuji Takahashi
     Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
     A Hearty Breakfast
     Before the War
     The Seed and the Sower
     A Brief Encounter
     Ride Ride Ride
     The Fight
     Beyond Reason
     Sowing the Seed
     Last Regrets
     The Seed
     Salvation from gUntitled 01h
     Choral No.3 from gLifeh
     Zero Landmine
     A Century for Change
     Career Girl
     Put your hands up
     Lost Child
     Hello my Sweetie
     Snake Eyes
     Lost Theme

   Arranged by Okashiro --------
     A Tribute to N.J.P.
     The Sheltering Sky Theme
     M.A.Y. in The Backyard
     The Last Emperor
     High Heels Main Theme, Kisses Tacones Lojanos, Plaza
     A Flower Is Not A Flower
     Distant Echo
     Lack of Love
     Bring Them Home
     Sweet Revenge
     Ma Mere Lfoye
     Before Long
     Thatness and Thereness
     A Fruit of Sand
     A Night at the Aquarium
     Aishiteru, Aishitenai
     In Aquascape
     A day a Gorilla gives me a Banana
     Ominous Adolescence
     Dear Liz